Search Engine Optimisation or "SEO"

A website is nothing without visitors, seo is the best way to get them.

Search Engine Optimisation / Promotion

Unless your Website has a good search engine ranking it is unlikely people will ever find it. Google has millions of websites to index and thousands of website submissions a day. This is why you will need all the help you can get when promotion your website in the search engines
Visitors the lifeblood of your website, get them by promoting your website in the search engines.
Our team of Website optimisation or "SEO UK" professionals can look at your website and tell you exactly what is wrong and how to achieve better search engine ranks. We do offer services to complete this for you also; our prices are from just £25 per month. This is our service to get your website higher in the "natural listings".

We have our own system that lets you see where you website ranks in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AOL and more.


Pay Per Click

We also offer Pay per Click services on Google. This is the only way to guarantee number 1 positions in Google. The way pay per click works is that you bid on a number of keywords that relate to your website and each time a user clicks on your website (at the top in the sponsored links section) the amount you have bid will be deducted from your account.

Using our expertise you can save money and have your pay per click campaigns running smoothly, and more important, more profitable. We have more than 12 years search engine experience which means we know about using keyword phrases and negative keywords in your campaign. We can also save you time and effort by monitoring your campaigns and shifting bids accordingly. For instance, if you have a keyword phrase you would like to be number 1 with constantly then you will probably be outbid by your competitors. We can make sure you are number 1 in Google by constant monitoring.

natural search engine lisingssponsored listings

Search engines cannot find your Website unless they know it exists. Search engine submission is a critical step in promoting your Website. Without this step your Website may not appear in all search engines. Our team will submit your Website using manual and automatic techniques every month to keep the spiders coming back to your site.

seo company.

website design quote

Fully hosted with email accounts. Your website is hosted and ready to go live on the web for no extra cost.

Compatibility. We make sure your website is compatible on the most popular browsers.

We also offer logo design if you have no corporate identity or would like to change your business image.