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Mobile Websites

If it's a redirect from your main website to a mobile site once the mobile device logs on to your website or a stand alone mobile website to show places of business and details we can do it all!

The mobile market it stronger than ever and with more clearer displays and faster processors the amount of people browsing the web through a mobile device such as a phone or tablet is set to increase 10 fold over the coming years. This means websites have to be viewable through these devices. You may say "but I can see my website through a mobile device", yes, but do you have to scroll all over the page to read it? Are the buttons very small and are certain contact buttons and other important functions out of sight?

Mobile websites fill this gap by providing an "app" looking website on the device. All the buttons and text are easy to read, clear and informative without scrolling. The website fills the mobile device's screen perfectly and even comes with 1 click call buttons that automatically calls your business number from the mobile phone.

mobile website

A recent statement from the computer giant HP stated that not having a mobile website in today's market is like not having your site online for a week each month.

There is no adverse effects to your current website. The process is very straight forward. We build the mobile website for you adding in any locations, pages links etc. We then add a code to your current website that detects if a mobile device has landed on your website page. If so it will automatically take the mobile device user to the mobile website.

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