As I speak to people from many different business sectors everyday I can advise on what industry Google AdWords would work for. Paid search engine positioning (per per click, or Google AdWords) vs organic search listings is always going to be a hot topic of debate. On one hand you have the organic listings which if surveys are to be believed are responsible for 80% of all clicks on Google. On the other hand you have per per click advertising which people can argue is better because it guarantees you a number 1 position on Google (if you have enough budget to keep it there).

We believe to shift your business you should do both. Your website should be optimised to make your website seen on a number of different engine results. At the same time per per click should be used for main keyword phrases. This is to keep you up at the top alongside or even above your competitors.

There are many different aspects of keeping your business at the top and in the organic listings. For your AdWords attention should be given to the time of day your ad runs, the negative keywords used and the geographical area targeted. We are experts at these particular workings of Google’s AdWords.

With organic listings as I mentioned before your website needs to be optimised which means updated and submitted site maps, keywords used are prominent on the website, good use of description, keywords and title meta tags and of course link building.

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