Everyday we get spam, chances are if you have an email address you will too. Now we are all for spam filters and junk mail folders that place what they think to be spam into a folder and leave it there for us to decide. What we do not believe in is businesses not being able to send special offers, services and products that may be of interest to the public.

Business Can cold call which is one of the most annoying things in the middle of the day when trying to work or even upto 9pm at night when you are trying to relax.

Business can send unsolicited mail through a letter box, which after a while can mount up to a silly amount of paper on the floor which you will have to dispose of.

Now lets take a look at spam. Businesses are ok to do the above but they are not allowed to send an email?

We/I find it much more of a hassle to get rid of all of the mail through the door or tell the telemarketer NO for the 3rd time in one day than to press that all important delete button that takes milliseconds to do. You can also tell your email client to block those messages in the future, you try telling a telemarketing employee that you wish to be taken off the list; “Oh of course sir I shall do it right away….ahem”.

This is not to say we support the Nigerian lottery or people trying to sell medical supplies etc..but an email that could be useful to a business being denied becuase the “Spam Laws” have gotten way out of hand and it seems somewhat silly when there are other forms of “marketing” that are much more obtrusive than pressing that delete button on the keyboard.