Personally I don’t really jump on the “cool nerd” bandwagon of Macs. Ever since my first encounter with Macs back in 95 with OS9 I really didn’t like the way it constantly crashed, was impossible to get software for..and games (hey I was at college!).

Since then the Mac OS has come on in leaps and bounds. But there are still many factors I would never trade in my windows hardware for one.

Below may go on a bit about how the whole Apple brand has put me off ever buying anything from them and little to do with design aspect, but my rant will make sense!

1. Macs seem to have a habit of being outdated even before they hit the shelves. If you were to build a pc from scratch you could source your perfect hardware given what you would like to do, i.e; video editing; get a good graphics card, multiple tasks; get a multi core. Now obviously Macs and do this but the fact that many different and competing companies are trying for you to buy there products there is a great choice of every bit of hardware you could ever need to build your pc, cheaper and faster.

2. Remember when Microsoft/Bill Gates used to be branded as a corporate monster which destroyed all competition and cornered the IT market? Well Apple for me are  a lot worst than Microsoft ever was. For example; your Mac decides to overheat another power pack, have a hard drive malfunction or any other repair that needs doing..and yes we all know they do! What do you do? Well instead of replacing parts yourself or taking it to you local pc repair shop you take it to Apple themselves. Before they even take your unusable Mac they charge you £50+ for the privilege of looking at it. After this expect a price of what can only be described as extortionate to be invoiced to you. Not only can you not replace anything in the mac yourself there is just no choice for when your Apple product get repaired. This goes for iPods, iPads and any other overpriced Apple product out there.

3. The price! Just becuase you have an i infront of the thing you have just bought does not mean it has to cost twice the price of an equivilient peice of technology.

4. The way Apple releases products quickly and without regard to the consumers usuability of the product to make money, fast. Take the iPhone for example, it was released as an amazing peice of kit that could do everything you ever wanted. A phone with a camera, video all of your favourite applications in one cool looking device. Oh but there is one thing……you can’t make phone calls on the phone becuase of the metal strip on the you must hold it a different way or put an elastic band around it. £479+ for a phone that doesn’t make phone calls. did they put out a massive recall straight away? of course not, that would cost them too much money. For mobile Internet, apps and all round good usage I suggest Android.

5. Releasing technology that was brought out 10 years ago. Apple announced they will have video on the iPhone….WOW REALLY? you mean that thing that most other phones have and that was brought out over a decade ago…and done better might I add. Video calls can be very beneficial to the website designer, again Android will be used.

6. Software is in abudance with Windows, anything you can imagine is there. Macs on the other hand have a “heres the software, theres one to choose from, if you don’t like it, tough” attitude. And thats if you can find the software to begin with!  Now this becomes quite important when designing websites as with technology such as flash.

OK, rant over. All I would say is please don’t be swayed by Apple’s colourful adverts and it must be good approach. Get faster get a PC.