Using wordpress for clients does help website designers no end. As soon as a clients asks for a content managed system I instantly thing of wordpress or joomla depending on what the brief includes.

I like using joomla for more ecommerce based type websites but if the client wants a more gallery based website then its off to look at how wordpress can be used.

The folks at wordpress do try and make it as user friendly as possible but it’s not really there for the novice user to get a site look exactly how they want (which is good news for us web designers!). First off it’s still controlled by css, which is a good thing but a lot of the templates still need you to tweak css code or even parts of the template code.

I have seen more and more great looking templates coming out in recent times so for the novice user wanting a great looking blog site there has never been a better time to set it up.

A great find for wordpress themes is this one:

And best of all the wordpress themes are free!