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Website designers that care?
Yes it seems impossible but we do care what the website will generate for your business and how it can succeed.

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A team of web designer and programmers

I'm sure you have read countless "about us" pages on companies that usually say, " we are a team of highly dedicated computer design enthusiasts that care about our customers". Well, with us it seems to be the truth!

Most of our business is repeat customer for a reason and not because we tie you into a contract or keep your domain name and hold it for ransom (be carefully of this one and web businesses that charge big fees for releasing domain names).

We get our repeat custom because, even though we are what's called "computer geek's" we can talk to you like regular human beings, not all of us computer geek's are socially inept!

Another reason is that we care about what your website can do for you. Sound like a cheesy quote from a billboard? Well this is how we look at it; We create a design that you are happy with, that gets the visitors rushing in and that is very cheap to run and setup. With this in mind we think that for any future updates, additional services or just a nice chat about the running of the website you will come to us and not go looking elsewhere for your internet services.

In a sentence, we will make you happy so you come back for more!